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Notefull KZN offers aluminium welding and repair solutions for various industries, and sectors including commercial, residential, industrial and retail in Richards Bay, as well as those around South Africa. We pride ourselves on innovative and cost-effective welding services, while striving to deliver the highest quality of work.

All our welding projects have been done in-house for over 21 years. Our team of professional aluminium welders is renowned for the workmanship, and the ability to work under extreme pressure. We enable the team by equipping them with the latest and most efficient welding machines available in the market. This allows us to reduce the total costs for our clients while still maintaining the quality, and more importantly, it allows us to complete projects within deadlines.

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    Aluminium Welding and repairs in richards bay and all of south africa


    If you are looking for highly trained aluminium welders near you, look no further. Notefull KZN has been providing excellent aluminium welding and repair solutions for our clients for over 21 years. Backed by years of experience, we have helped many of our clients overcome the challenges involved with joining aluminium and its alloys. Contact us to get started on a project today or just simply fill out the form to get a quick online quote.