Common Aluminium Welding Mistakes To Avoid

Aluminium welding is a fine and delicate process. It requires a specific set of tools and techniques in order to get a clean, neat and durable weld. However, it is common for inexperienced welders to make mistakes when welding aluminium, which can lead to expensive repairs and do-overs because aluminium is not cheap. Here are some common mistakes welders make when welding aluminium and what you can do to avoid them.

Not Wearing Protective Gear

Never mind ruining the aluminium you’re working on ‒ if you don’t wear the appropriate PPE while welding, you could cause serious injury to yourself. Protective eyewear, gloves, aprons and face shields are all important for welding anything ‒ not just aluminium ‒ if you don’t want to go blind or suffer horrific burns.

Welding is inherently dangerous and should therefore be carried out with extreme caution and adherence to strict safety standards.

Not Treating Aluminium As Unique

Welding techniques that work on other metals might not work well on aluminium at all. Aluminium is a sensitive metal, prone to bubbling, burning and being significantly weakened if not welded correctly with the right techniques, tools and expertise.

Taking a one-size-fits-all approach to welding aluminium is sure to result in subpar results. It is important to know the unique properties of aluminium and what specialised techniques are required to work on it.

Not Preparing

Aluminium welding needs a fair amount of preparation. Since aluminium is so prone to contamination during melting, it is important to ensure that the metal has been thoroughly cleaned before commencing. Moreover, ensure that the inert gas shielding is properly functioning to prevent bubbles from forming in the molten aluminium.

Having all of the right tools set up and your metal prepared makes the aluminium welding process more efficient.

Not Being Patient

Aluminium welding requires patience, not only to prepare properly but also in terms of paying attention to detail and going slowly to avoid burning holes in the material, causing bubbling or allowing contaminants to enter the molten metal.

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